Thursday, August 23, 2007

wine maybe?

does this qualifies as a new day?

should i have a drink?

have i mentioned how being a frigid bitch might affect your capacity for leadership?

have i mentioned how being an overweight ass living under the shadow of your relatives interferes with your ability to make wise deccisions?

when you work 16 hours a day and still you get e-mails at four in the morning you are not able to answer right away, you develop big dark round circles under your eyes.

when you feel like a fat over stressed single hitting thirties woman, you should have a drink.

when you spent 13 hours in front of a computer in a plastic chair your back gets deformed. it hurts.

when you review info again and again because your boss keeps making mistakes, you start dreaming about him. you develop a nervous tic.

when you consider stop shaving your legs and getting out of the house in track-suits you know you have an issue.

maybe i should get another drink.

My own personal pub

If you are in your thirthies and you are single, start considering getting a roomate.
My boss said to me today, dear Irene, as pretty as always. My former college principal said, Oh irene, looking as georgous as ever. have I mentioned they always do that?
have i mention I never hear them compliment on my actual work?
Have I mention I am a junior executive?

Have I mention no one has complained about my work?

If tomorrow i sit down to write the same, I´ll get a drink.

If you are starting to read this, You shloud get a drink.