Saturday, January 05, 2008


I dreamed about you last night. The whole night I saw your face. As usual you looked as young as you were last time we met, your hair long, crooked smile. In my dream we where happy. It was weird because it was almost as if you had returned from a very long trip and you were finally back. At first we were shy, didn´t know how to talk to each other and then some silly joke broke the tension and we were back to our own selves.
You were carrying me on your back and I was laughing.
Remember that night by the river? Do you remember the things we said?
Do you remember the promise we made next to CU´s water mirror?
I remember what you said to me on new year´s eve away from everybody.
I remember the look on your face when I told you of what I really had been ill. I remember the pain.
Do you remember that night on the rooftop? The night in the mountains? Do you remember the last time you touched my hair? I do.
You came late, as usual. All the girls where looking at you, as usual. You sat behind me and played with my hair all class. I remember looking back and smiling at you. Of what we talked later I can´t recall. Something about books and who knows what. There was this girl anxiously waiting for you, looking at me jealous. I remember we said how much we missed each other. You hold me and we said I´ll call you. I called you that week to your father´s house. I didn´t call your mother´s, I knew she was ill and for some silly reason I thought I would wait for you to go back to your other house.
You never did. Next time I saw you you were dead.
Why do you still appear in my dreams?
Are you with Colin? Is there some place where all the lost heroes of our hearts go to?
Please, I can´t talk to you right now. Go to your ghostly world and wait for me and I might pay you a visit, but leave this world to the living and don´t come in the night.
But don´t stop coming, I´m afraid I´ll stop remembering.