Tuesday, September 26, 2006

tempus fugit

you don´t believe me.
you think I wouldn´t do it.

you think i´m just trying to draw attention to myself

but i´m not.

i actually don´t want to draw attention to me.
when i go, i will go silently. on my tip-toes. trough the window.
I already took 35 mg of the stuff.
little by little i´ll find the right dose.

and i´ll slip into oblivion.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


When you are weary feeling small, your tears, i will dry them off, times get rough, and friends can´t be found, like a bridge over trouble waters i will lay me down.

Please , I just close my eyes.
My game is dangerous. But I can´t trust no one.
I need someone to ease my mind,

I´ve taken one,
and a half.
maybe another one. or two.
that´s not enough.
so i´ll still be here for the next round.

God, why I ruin everything.
I´m not worthy
I´m scared of heights.
I am not making it to my thirtieth birthday.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Breve es el tiempo

I believe things can change. I believe things are going to change.

That´s what he said while the man was sticking the blade into his guts.
Blood, lots of blood came out.
He lied there in the bottom of the alley. A small thing curled up.

Things are changing.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Maybe is time

I don´t need your sympathy anymore.
Your bad moods. Your pitty. I don´t think you are so cool anymore.
Now I know you are not that smart. When you slept with her you hurt me. But know I´m fine.
All those times you took advantage of me. Everytime you made me feel not worthy.
For every single moment i was in my mind holding the knife i despise you. For every scar that runs over my body has a different name. A different pain. But you are not worth any of it.
Because you are out.
I´m sending you away.
Your jealousy. I know your fears, your little man frights.
I know you are a coward.
and I am taking off the skin you forced me to wear for such a long time and I´m leaving only mine. Thin and fragile, but mine.
When the blood runs down your legs you know that after a moment the pain will end.
It was the same with you. Now I can wipe you off and there will not be any sign of you.
Only I will know.
Thank you. After you, nobody will tamed again. I am a better version of me.
Thank you. Now i know what it feels to cry for a broken heart.
I learned something from you.
You won´t recognize next time we meet .
I will not say hi to you ´cause there is no point in it.
You will not know my face anymore.
I´m already starting to forget some of your names.
I forgive you
I cheated on you
I have no use for your forgiveness or memories.
Keep them
I already buried my own.