Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naked body dumped in a corner

I want to believe this is a world where we can be happy. I want to believe such world exists. I need to believe that what lays at the core of our hearts it's possible. I am waiting for a sign that tells me we are going to be fine. That this painful struggle, all the miles walked, all the blood shed, were just a small step on a longer run.

I need to wake up with you by my side. To have you hold me in your arms. To feel again your body next to mine. Because I've discovered I am me, and me alone I'm fine, but it's only with you that I am alive.

Come out of the house that has no doors or light, let's abandon those dark corners, let's walk hand by hand, along the river, with Milla by our side. Let's chase northern lights, build a farm, travel to the distant shores. Let's live a long fulfilling life, together, away from the obscure killer that hides inside of me, away from pain and regrets, let's just take it one day at a time.